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Grand Theft Auto may be one of the coolest games ever created, but given the violence, not all age brackets are welcome to play the game. Of course, who wants to see his kids brutally murdering strangers in a video game? Thankfully, we have Smashy Road, an GTA-sque video game full of hot pursuits but lacks the brutal features of the series.

As the name itself suggests, Smashy Road is an action game full of smashing and roads. However, it does not feature any violent and graphical content, so it is a perfect game for diverting the attention of your GTA-loving kids.

Smashy Road – A Cartoony version of Grand Theft Auto

Smashy Road on computer is all about pursuits and smashing other vehicles on the road. In this game, you will play as the most wanted driver who will be chased by the police throughout your gameplay. At first, regular policemen will pursue you. But eventually, you will encounter SWATs and their tactical gear including choppers and armored vans. Once you become most wanted, you will become the enemy of the state and the military will go after you.

Interesting Challenges to Deal With

Smashy Road PC features tons of enemies that will give you an absolute pain in the neck. Ranging from simple police cars to powerful Apache helicopters, law enforcement has never been this good.

Initially, ordinary police cars will chase you. A couple of them will follow you at first, but the higher your wanted level, the more police cars you will encounter. Thankfully, you can easily outmaneuver these police cars by driving smart. In addition, you can wreck them by outmaneuvering them and making them crash on obstacles!

Take note that once your wanted level increases, you will begin to see other law enforcers like SWATs and FBI’s. So, you will be running from faster and tougher vehicles like SWAT 4x4s and even military trucks! There will also be roadblocks complete with policemen and soldiers. They will fill your ride with bullet holes until you go boom. Perhaps, the two toughest vehicles you will have to outrun is the Military Chopper and the Tank, two vehicles that are capable of OHKO’ing whatever ride you are driving.

Interesting Vehicles to Ride

There are literally hundreds of vehicles with mechanical and aesthetic differences. Some of them are common cars who only differ in stats, while others are unique vehicles with their own special skills.

Thanks to the unique stat combinations of each individual car, each car has its own feel. Do you want to go fast and furious? No problem! There are cars with high top speed and acceleration. Take note, however, that the handling of these cars may be a problem.

If you want to go slowly but surely, there are also cars with high handling and high durability. Although these cars are not as fast dedicated race cars, they will let you survive contact with unexpected roadblocks.

Eventually, you will be able to get your hands on vehicles with unique mechanics, behaviors, and perks. For instance, content Flipper’s Scooper can flip your foes upside down. Another example is the F1, a high-speed vehicle that can pass underneath other cars, thanks to its low height.

Some vehicles lack special features, but they will multiply the coins you will get by five. Unfortunately, the lack of special features can lead to low survival, which can then lead to lower scores.

Did Someone Say TRAINS!?

Okay, so nobody can stop the Train in GTA. It is a well-known fact that it became a gaming meme sensation. How about the train on Smashy Road!? Turns out, nobody can stop the Smashy Road train as well unless you discover the few rare instances where you can derail the train (we won’t spoil how).

The train in Smashy Road Unblocked is none but a decorative obstacle meant to make your life harder. While this may sound sadistic, the train is one of those intricate little details that make the Smashy Road levels look alive.

Detailed Physics

The well-implemented physics system of Smashy Road is far better compared to other lightweight games of its size. It is amazing to know that the collision boxes of the vehicles are tailored to their shapes, though this level of detail can lead to some weird behaviors like small vehicles getting stuck between the wheels of larger vehicles. If you want a lightweight game with the level of immersion you can only find in triple-A games, Smashy Road Unblocked is a game you should play.

Game Features

  • New cars

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Smashy Road Screenshot
Smashy Road Screenshot

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